Saturday, April 30, 2005

Kids, you gotta love 'em...

I remember when I was a kid....(see, still 30 days til XXX, and I'm already breakin' out the "When I was a kid..." stories).....I did a lot of weird, dangerous and gross things. Frogs, ants and snakes in the teachers desk, jumping off the roof, telling my younger brother and sister that the salt was sugar. But my children, bless them, take the cake in the wierd/ morbid catagory. They, as kids do, like to pretend;
"I'm a princess and you are my slave." or "Come into my restaurant."
But I've noticed a somewhat desturbing trend lately. Everything is DEAD! Yes, dead. But more specificly, dead deer. Take for example a recent car trip. I will try to keep this verbatim. Here we go....
T:"Sissy, lets play that I'm your baby, and I am crying and I won't stop."
H:"Ok sister, and I have a baby kitty and Im her mommy."
T:"Ok and pretend that we had to burry the kitty 'cause it was dead!"
But wait, it gets better......
H:"Now we burried her but she's not realy all the way dead."
T:"yeah, and so we were gonna save her but there was this dead deer."
H:"With blood?"
T:"Yeah, all over. And you were still crying, but not 'cause of the deer, but 'cause your kitty didn't like you any more, and wanted to come home with me."
H:"And I was mad at you so I killed your daddy, and then I had to go to jail."
Ah, children, ain't they sweat? When they're not dead.

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