Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fathers day

Well Happy Fathers day to all you other fathers out there. Growing up, I never gave much thought to fathers day, other than to buy a last minute card and some goofy something-or-other, for my dad. My dad was a blue collared guy so we never gave him ties. (I think I can count on 1 hand the number of times he has worn a tie) Usually in was a small hand tool; screw driver, pocket knife, new tape measure. He always said thank you, and always tried to use whatever we gave him for at least a few weeks, or until us kids forgot about it.
Now, I’m going on my 7th (and 5th) year as a dad, and every year it gets a little more special, little more meaningful. I hope it still feels that way for my dad.
This morning at church, a friend of mine spoke a little about what being a father means to him. He is also a dad of young kids (3,5,6?) so I could relate to what he was saying. What he said really was poignant. He was talking about how he felt his kids were “just on loan to him” from God. He was there to bring them up, raise them, love them, and guide them. And that being a father to him was a form of worship and honoring of our Heavenly father. Wow.
Now I love my kiddos, but some times they can catch me at a bad moment, and I will lash out. And some times I will spoil them till they stink to high heaven. But for the most part, I (along with my best friend and wife) will do the best I can to bring them up in a way that will be honoring to God.

My sister is a big steaming pile of crap! She is lazy, selfish, a terrible mother, and just plain crazy some times. But my Dad still loves her. I hadn’t really thought about it much until hearing (albeit, a lousy interpretation) sermon about the ‘Prodigal Son’. The gist was that even though the Son was a dope, wasted all his inheritance, the father took him back with open arms. Of course, Jesus used this is a metaphor for Gods grace, but we as Christians, often mirror the other(good) brother. The one who was responsible, stayed home and worked hard. How dare dad let that idiot come back home, and give him more of what he threw away. I think my Dad is like the father in the story, to a flaw. While I’m glad that God will always accept us back, she’s never going to learn! But maybe I will. What if she never learns because no one ever tells her what’s going?
I still hate my sister,LOL, but I love my dad for his grace. I hope if either of my lovelies ever turns out crazy, I will show them the same grace my dad continues to show my sister.
Happy fathers day, to all the dads, and the step dads, the stand in dads, and even the single moms filling in for dads. May you all show the same grace to your children, that God the Father Shows you, every day!

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Anonymous Anonymous whispered...

Some times I think you are so dense. Then I read things like this. You almost made me cry. Keep it up....even the dopey stuff. :)
(thanks for opening your bog up to those of us you are anonymous)

6:35 PM  
Blogger Sharol whispered...

Happy Father's Day M! I still have some thoughts to run past you but I haven't had time to e-mail.


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