Friday, June 10, 2005

Priorities: "Always pillage BEFORE you burn!"

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So I got a frustrated email from a good friend of mine today. he was feeling frustrated because of......we'll call it a 'lack of enough time'. So I asked him what his priorities were. And by the end of our discussion, i was beginning to wonder what MY priorities were.
here are the categories i came up with:
-god/ faith
-family/ wife

so there they are, in no particular order, really. ah, but subconsciously perhaps there is an order there. does god always need to be first? what i told my friend was, maybe not. i believe jesus understands that in order for me to be an effective disciple, i can't be distracted. so maybe family comes first. but, like my friend has pointed out (through futile attempts, sorry dude) some times self needs to be in front in order for the family relationship to work properly. if i don't have respect/ insight/ time for self, how can i have it for any other priority?
and what about work and others? well, if work comes out last too many times, it will eventually affect all the rest. and if others/ friends come out too many times in the end, then who can you turn to in times of need?
what a cluster!
so perhaps the answer is some kind of rotation. a balanced breakfast if you will (cap'n crunch alone is not a healthy breakfast....or lunch, you need milk, and some fruit, and maybe a doughnut)
so everyday, and maybe several times during the day, the order changes. and maybe the change has more to do with a priority lower on the list, than the one in first.
maybe work becomes the #1 priority of the day because bills are mounting. well, in making that #1, it will help in moving family back up the list. and maybe my faith takes a back seat to family, because im spending to much time working on church stuff and not enough at home. well by correcting the imbalance, im moving faith back to the front.
now i know some will say "faith must always be #1".
so maybe my faith is actually a sub catagory of all other priorities!
so, i must be flexible with the priorities and realize, sometimes, 5th must become 1st in order for 4th to become 2nd. and I guess whoever is in 3rd is just screwed!

2 Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis?

Blogger Sharol whispered...

I believe that faith is the core of which all our actions stem from.
I think whatever we believe, good or bad it's always going to come out in all of our dealings. I like your blog. It has a depth and that is very cool!

3:54 PM  
Blogger Sharol whispered...

Hey, thanks for stoppin' by. I would love to chat about God sometime. I am so confused!!! (and yet I sounded so mature on my last comment) Well what I said was honest, but there are still so many unanswered questions. Perhaps never to be answered.

6:27 PM  

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