Saturday, June 11, 2005

Somethin' new

so i need to get further away from the political posts. i'm starting to sound like an old man!
so i've been on my meds (ritalin) for almost 2 months now, and i was worried my creativity would subside. but i've been able to write a few things (songs/ poems) and my wife thought the one i showed her sounded pretty good. so here is my latest poem. its a little darker than usual, but it was how i was feeling at the time.
if you like it, maybe i'll put up some more.

"Darkness" by Me
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when the light has faded,
and the darkness
covers me
like a thick wool blanket
Am I alone?

I can not see you
or hear you
or smell you
you are here

you fill my thoughts
you are here
you caress my soul
you are here

there is warmth
on my skin
Why do I feel so alone?

In the silences
you return, questioning
your intensions are pure
still, I push you out
of my mind and my thoughts
but you remain

I long for love
and you long to give it
so why won't I accept?

I can do this on my own
TOO Hurt!
I can mend this my self
Too ashamed.
you still care

Will it ever stop?
this carousel of life,

I am a man
fixer, healer, provider
in need of the same

this space is dark
more still as I retreat
Don't bring the light!
I am not clean

hot tears on cold skin
I am made clean

the darkness will find me
you are STILL here?


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