Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Thoughts on sex and passion.....and church life?

The sexual crisis in America is turning into an epidemic, with the internet only helping to spread the virus. Old methods of addressing such problems may not be up to the task of securing our integrity in this new paradigm. Almost every teenager is having pre-marital sex (i had a friend comment recently that he wished he was having
post-marital sex). Pornography and loosening TV standards are paving a way to a world where every child will have seen full penetration sex in elementary school; where the intimacy of love-making has been reduced to a recreational sport; where the gift of God has been cheapened and largely diminished. What He intended for good, as usual we are well on our way to screwing up big time.

The result is a loss of passion. A loss of intimacy. A loss of intensity.
So much lack of intensity these days. Look at other areas of your life as well; where is the passion?

Some of you are married (christians). Where is the passion?
Quit greeting each other with your housecoat and slippers on (sunday best/fake greetings) and hairy armpits and body odor. Where’s the passion? Did you get married (become a christian) so it would end up this boring? Where’s the romance? Where’s the passion? You going to settle for boring? Is that why you got married?

Teenagers. Nothing sucks worse than boring, uncommitted teens. So you’re bored. So this town sucks… guess what? It’s your fault. Quit whining! Stand up and make something of your life. Take a stand at school. Believe in something. Go on a missions trip. Get a life. Volunteer. Make a difference. Quit living just to make yourself happy. Be alive.

Single adults. So you have a job and a car. How’s that working out for you? You happy yet? Maybe you’ll be happy when you get a better car or make money… but I doubt it.
What are you giving your life for? Yourself? Instant pleasure? More trips surfing or playing around or just being selfish? How are you changing your world? How’s that working out for you?

Older adults. Made enough money yet? Done enough yet? Acquired enough stuff to load down your hearse yet? How’s that working out for you. How are you investing the rest of your days?

What kind of a world (church?) would you create for yourself and those around you, if you actually took the time to think about what you were doing? Would you really want to spend the next 30 years at the same lame-ass job that wasn't making a difference? Would you really settle for security? In a watered-down world of cream of wheat dreams and instant gratification, where is the danger? Where is the PASSION? What are you living for?

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Anonymous Anonymous whispered...

Great insight! Love the metaphor of marriage/ christian life. I think you are right, that as christians (at least for me) we tend to settle into our comfortable little faith, and not live out what we really believe. But how do you change something that has been 'bred' in to christianity for so long. How do you really revitalize it, with out sounding wacko? Good stuff. Keep it up.
Terry B.

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