Monday, July 11, 2005

30 days.....

Thanks to an anonymous comment,

Or, from the 30 days show Reverend Penny:
"I think God cares more about what we do with our resources than what we do with our genitalia"

I am reminded of my new favorite Reality TV show, 30 days, on FX.
On the show (there have only been 2 so far) the host chooses someone, and places them (immerses them really) with an extremely different culture to see if they are able to adapt and change their view of that culture. In the first show, a "Practicing Christian" from Virginia, is sent to live in Dearborn Mich. with a Muslim Family, for 30 days. He eats with them, lives with them and by shows end, prays with them (although not to the same god, he says) and works with them (I think this is the most enlightenong part for him).
The out come is that the Christian guy sees that not all Muslims are terrorists (some of you are confused. I know this is contrary to what the Bush regime has said) and that most Americans treat them as such no matter what. He goes into this experiment thinking the same thing, but comes away with a profoundly different view.

(What if we could send all the Whitehouse staff to the same place for the same thing? Hmm)
On the second show, the host sends a conservative Christian (is there a patern here?) guy from some other Red state, to live in the Castro, a very Gay part of San Fran, to live with a gay guy for 30 days. That is where the Anonymous comment comes from. During the second show, our Christian guy (there seems to be a pattern here) goes to visit 'Gay Church', where he meets with the Reverend Penny, a gay Christian pastor. He has several conversations with her as to whether or not homosexuality is a sin. Nothing much seems to come of these conversations, though. It is only when our straight guy goes to visit gay guys family (mom, brother-who's a cowboy, and sis) all of whom are straight, and accepting of gay guy, and when our straight guy sits down with a support group of people with gay relatives, that he finally begins to see the human side to these 'other' people. By shows end, he is practically gay himself, but in a very straight sorta way.

Never have I seen such honest, intelligent programming. Its like 'Extreme Make over for the chroniclly Fundamentalist". If only more people could see we are all just humans,all loved by God, trying to make it through life, this world might just be a better place.
So check your local listings, and watch and see where they send the next White Christian guy! Who knows, it could be you.

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