Sunday, July 31, 2005

Movies of late.....

Well, I must say this is the most I typed in a while!
So movies. Let me start with the big screen. You know, where you begin the experience with the approval of a second (or third depending on your movie going frequency) mortgage! Followed by the signing over of your first born in exchange for "real" imitation buttered popcorn and, well I think you get the point.
Then on ward through the velvet rope to the 'Viewing chamber'. Look out for the sticky spot on the floor!
Now to find your VIP reserved seat you paid so much for! What? Someone seems to be in your seat, and saving the entire rest of the chamber for his extended, loud, rude family! Blast, the only available seat is in the front corner. Your neck will be in therapy for weeks!
Ahh, but finally, what you've been waiting for.....Previews! No not the movie itself, but the promise of things you will think you want to see, by know damn well that the loan you just acquired will never be repaid in time.
Three good, one lame and the obligatory cartoon feature.....
Now for the second main event..... That's kinda like 'new AND improved' isn't it?
Willy Wonka, Burton/ Depp style!
I started this movie with fairly high expectations. Visually, it was great. The sets left me feeling 5 years old again. It brought me right back to my childhood, watching the magnificent Gene Wilder.
While Jonny Depp didn't have the same witt and sharp nature as Wilder, he fit the role wonderfully.
Both my wife and children loved this movie, and will probably buy it on DVD. (Or Ill rent it and burn, that would be wrong.)

Next up, rented on DVD, Eulogy.
This was one of those movies I usually pick up, read (for the fifth time) and set back down muttering about next time. Well, this time, my wife picked.
I laughed, I laughed, and then I realized "this could be MY family!"
Funny stuff about a family dealing with the loss of the main character's (a 20 something gal) grandfather. With hilarious performances by Ray Romano as a divorced pervert (with 2 equally perverted 12 yo sons) and Hank Azaria as a failed child star, I would recommend this to just about anyone....Except my mom. She just wouldn't get it.

Next, Danny Deckchair.
This was the heart warming, and almost seat warming (I laughed so hard I almost wet my self)tale of Danny.Danny is an average guy living in a big city. Danny's girlfriend wants more outta life than just camping (which is all Danny really wants to do. So Danny finally has had it and decides to try something outrageous. He decides that at the 'Long weekend Barby' he's going to tie several very large helium balloons to a 'deck chair' (that's a lawn chair in the states) and see if he will make it off the ground. What happens is not only heart warming, but very silly.
Also worth the price to rent.
Well, I had better go. I need some more juice and crackers. I just gave blood to make a few extra bucks to get me into the next movie. On second thought, anyone need a kidney?

2 Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis?

Blogger shannon the she whispered...

I loved both movies. Eulogy was milk-through-the-nose funny...way too close to home. And my in-laws home. Danny Deckchair...great comedy, Aussie humor always a fave of mine. Plus I think we'll be buying some balloons for a friend.

11:28 PM  
Blogger Me whispered...

Does HE have a chair to tie them to? Ill have to ask, or maybe he'll just comment about it next time he's here ;-*

8:00 AM  

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