Wednesday, July 06, 2005


So, Ive been away for a while. What have I been up to? Decided to try and refinance our house and needed to have an appraisal done. So the misses and I have been busting our backs trying to transform the this shack into something more castle-like.


Yeah, that's me and my dog!


Well, maybe not exactly........

So after many days and dollars, we had our appraisal today......and......we......
won't know untill friday. :-(
At least now I can relax. I may never get back up on the roof again.

On Monday (that was the 4th, if you were confused, or republican) the Fam. traveled to our local native american reservation for some explosive devices. Actually, I didn't purchase a damn thing! We went to my Aunt and uncle's place (which is right on the beach, overlooking the Puget sound) which is still on the res. (which meant we could light anything we wanted to! Sorry 'bout the dog.) My dad dropped about $150 on fireworks, and I got the job of destroying things. So after a few beers, way too many BBQ ribs, and loosing all my money ($.38) in a few rounds of poker, it was time to show them how its done! My cousin and her new hubby (who happens to be a prick from california, not that the 2 are related mind you) has never blown anything up, ever!. So it was on me to show him how we do it here in Wash. State. He got the hang of it quickly (hold the lighter in the hand furthest away from the bag of explosives) and we had quite a show.

Who's idea was it to have the fourth of july on a monday? Nothing like getting stuffed, buzzed, and staying up way to late blowing stuff up, to ruin you for work the next day!
And wouldn't you know it, I'm too busy to take any more time off for awhile (but Im not complaining, Lord!).
So I'm interested to hear if any one lost any necessary body parts over the holiday?

0 Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis?

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