Monday, August 29, 2005

Bad day/ Good wife

where do i start? everything was fine until i got out of bed this morning.
i was a little late getting up, but not too bad.....or so i though. see the power had gone out last night and then came back on about 20min later. so my alarm clock was 20min slow. damn.
so no time to move all my tools from my truck to my wife's. why move them? oh, i forgot to tell you, the alternator is dead on my truck. but it will start with a jump from my portable starter. only 20 min late for work, and done with my first job in 3 hours. now i can head home to install the new $200 alternator my wife picked up for me (thanks babe!)
but now, as i type, i'm on the side of the freeway, waiting for my wife (thanks again)to BRING me the new alternator. it seems my truck decided it REALLY needed the alternator in order to go any further. oh, and a new alternator belt, too.
wait this parts really great. last night as i was cleaning out my truck (i couldn't see the floor) i stared right at my socket set and thought "should I put that in?.....nah, i won't need it until tomorrow afternoon."
luckily, i was able to catch my wife befroe she left to come rescue me.

so, here i sit, waiting. its really warm here in my car, and wouldn't you know it, my windows are electric, and won't roll down with out the car on.
So im sitting, waiting, sweating in the car. no air, no radio. just my trustee laptop. at least for the next 12 min. when the battery dies on this!
at least its after noon, so when i'm all done I can go right home and drink til i forget. but do i have anything at home in the fridge?
guess i need one more favor from the wife. ;')

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