Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Funny, it doesn't feel like 10....

This is a bit late. But then, that's how my life usually goes. This last Friday was my wife and I's 10th anniversary. Dang! It just sounds so...so...long. But for the most part, it doesn't feel like its been that long.
We took the kids (4 & 6) camping this weekend. Our first camping trip this year, maybe our last! (but just because we are almost out of summer)
Not what I had in mind for the big 1-0.
So as I tried to ignore my children screaming and fighting, I sat and wrote a letter to my beautiful bride. Unfortunately, I never got to finish it....until now.

My sweet Shannon,
can you believe it has been ten years since the day we said "I do" in that terribly ugly Church in Snohomish? How is it something so long ago can feel less than so? I still remember dancing with you the night we met. How I had brought 3 girls but only danced with you.
All those nights drinking lousy beer.... (thats another post)
How about the winning streak of our co-ed softball team! ;-0
Our first apartment/ house with that crazy guy next door.
The first time we found out you were pregnant. Your first miscarriage.
Our first ( and current) house. Bringing home a small red head in a small car.
All those nights (and days) of bad sex. At least that has changed, right? Right?
Sure there have been some hard times, some good times, some silly times ("black squawks") but over all, I think we have had it pretty good. I have made mistakes, but you have stood by me, and continue to do so. For that I am eternally grateful. You have a power to make me so happy (and at times fairly miserable). You have such a caring heart.
I r
ealize that I hurt you, and that some times an apology isn't always enough. But please know that I love you more and more as each year passes.
I so look forward to what God has in store for us. Whether its working together for a social justice organization, or just standing together worshiping in a new gathering.
What ever the case may be, I hope it brings us closer together.
I am so thankful that you have stuck by me, gently corrected my course when needed, and helping carry my burdens. I only hope you feel the same about me.
You weren't my first love, but you'll always be my last.
Happy (belated) anniversary,

2 Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis?

Blogger Sharol whispered...

Happy Anniversary to you both.
I have been married for almost three weeks, and I can only hope that 10, 20, or 50 years from now, my husband loves me just as much and more as he does now.
My husband writes me love letters sometimes and I hope he never stops. I think love letters are very romantic.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Jesse Moore whispered...

Thanks for making me feel guilty for not writing anything lately...I mean, thanks for reminding me to write something reminding my wife that I love her. She often brings up the fact that she ran across an old letter of mine from when we were dating, or earlier in our marriage. Guess that she'll probably run low on those soon if I don't replenish the supply.

Nicely done. I like it - not sure it's because it's honest or because it's voyeuristic, or both. Whichever of those sounds the least creepy, let's go with that.

4:55 PM  

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