Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bad Day....I

I was going to post about my weekend at Bumbershoot. I was going to upload all the pics of the bands I saw. I was gonna.
I found out this morning that a friend was killed in a car accident.
He was a good guy, a good dad (to 7 kids, the youngest is 3) and a good husband.
He was also Mormon.
As a Christian, I take comfort in the knowledge that if I were to die tomorrow, I would be w/ Christ in heaven. That if my mom or dad, or my wife or my children died, I would see them again in the Kingdom of God. But will I see my friend Mitch again?
There have been a lot of changes in my life over the past year. Changes in my Theology, political views, personal relationships, and my relationship with Christ. I recently had one of the teens in my youth group ask me about those who for whatever reason, may not have had a chance to hear the Gospel of Christ. What has or will become of them? Will God have mercy on them, even though they may not have called him by the same names we western Christians do? I'm starting to question my response. I had said that I do believe God will have mercy. I believe that perhaps those members of far off tribes who maybe worship some parts of nature, are in a way, worshiping Him that created nature, and that his mercy may extend to them.
Sounded right at the time. But what about those here in the west, who may subscribe to something not quite Christian. Mormons, JW's, Baptists.....don't ask, don't ask.
I know a bit about the Mormon faith. Enough to know that they believe in Jesus. But from there on out, its pretty fuzzy.
I realize that there are those religious righties, and hard core "christians" that think anything less than their way, is a direct route to hell. But who can say for sure? I know that for now, it is easier on the heart to lean in the universalism direction. For now (and maybe until I can ask God face to face) I will believe that my friend is feasting with the angels, and watching carefully over the rest of his family.
Well that's it for now, I can't see the keyboard through the tears. If you are of the persuasion, say a prayer today for My friends wife and children. That there loss will be tempered by the thoughts of their father and husband in a better place than this.
Peace be with you Mitch Buchholtz! I will miss you.

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Anonymous Anonymous whispered...

What is the greatest commandment? Love the Lord your God. But the next is to love your neighbor as your self. Mitch had both these down. He also recognized Jesus as God's son/ Mormons recognize him as fulfilling the sacrifice required by the Messiah. If anyone practiced the art of living faith by example, it would be Mitch--his generosity, humor, and kindness drew people to him. Our kids felt cared for by him.
So I think that Jesus welcomed Mitch with open arms...and then told him some truths about the pieces of faith that he got wrong. But I think that is the experience we will all have, no matter what denomination or lack-thereof ...we'll be shown the truth, both good and bad, but we will be loved and welcomed in because God loves us and wants us and welcomes us (jello eaters and all) and "paid" for us long, long ago.

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Thank you!

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