Friday, September 23, 2005

Brush with fame......

I have my own business. I am a service electrician. Not always a fun job, but I usually enjoy what I do. And I happen to think I am rather good at it.
On Thursday, I went buy my shop ( which is on my folks property) and my old man was there looking for something. I hadn't seen him in a few days so we caught up for a bit. Turns out he has been doing some work (he is also an electrician) for some rich guy a few miles away. Installing a electric gate at the end of the driveway. But he can't finish, so he asks if I can take care of the rest for him. Sure, I love working for people who have too much money! So I head out. He calls me just before I get there to warn me that the owner, who never seems to be there, is a bit odd (his word). As I pull into the drive way, the first thing I notice is that large log house that takes up most of the property. The second (and not the last) is the large frog statue in the front yard. OKAY?
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The job itself is fairly straight forward, so to work I go. Part of what I am doing requires me to connect some wires to the main house. As I am circling the house I notice several "odd" things. One is the large bay window in the front of the house. Now lots of people have bay windows on their homes. Heck, I have one. But not many have a life size "alien" corpse being watched over by a large stuffed black panther!
Don't believe me? Take a look........

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So, now I am intrigued. I go around the side and look through the only other window that is not frosted. And I almost wet my pants! Inside, standing at the edge of the loft, is a full size Darth Vader. Sorry no pic, but believe me, it freaked me out. Among the other "odd" things were the mass assortment of weapons- knives, swords, rifles...-hung on almost every wall.
About this time, the neighbor/caretaker shows up. He is like something right out of "Deliverance".

He rides up on a camo colored ATV with a rifle mounted on the handlebars "Just in case" he tells me later. Just in case! Just in case of what? A rabid squirrel? This is the Northwest, not the damn outback!
He starts telling me he watches the place while the owner (Popper is the only name anyone has ever said) is away. So I ask if he's ever around? I wondering when I'll see some money. He tells me "Popper" will be back from being on tour later this week, and may be playing at a local club. Tour? Playing? Who is this guy? So I ask, "What 'band' is he in? I hope its a band, I don't want to sound like I am clueless.
"Traveling blues or something"
!!!!! Blues Traveler, you mean? "Popper" is John Popper, lead singer!
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"Yep, that's the one. Never heard of 'em myself." (Travis Tritt would be proud)
Okay, being a sudo-musician myself, it was pretty damned cool to find out that the house I have been working on is owned by a famous rock star. But then it hit me.... The guy is frickin' weird!

1 Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis?

Blogger Jesse Moore whispered...

I knew exactly who you were talking about as soon as you said "Popper." That's pretty cool!

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