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Bumbershoot, bad cameraphone, and a Man-Skirt...

The memorial for my friend, Mitch, whom the last post was dedicated to, will be this Friday at the local LDS chapel. It will be a rough day. So , today, I'm going to try and get a lot out before my brain shuts down for what will most likely be a long weekend.

Bumbershoot!, was this last weekend, here in Seattle. For those that are in the know, bare with me as I try and explain for those that don't. Imagine your local Fair. Food, crafts, crowds of people, performers and artists all gathered in one location. Now imagine that all the musicians and other performance artists that you would buy extra admission to see are FREE. Oh, and the crowds of people.... Some of the friendliest, non-pretentious, polite people you would want to meet. Not like the very much pretentious suburban yuppie scum that seem to dominate the crowds at the State fair here in PNW. You see, the majority of folks at the Bumbershoot festival...Freaks! In the best sense of the word. Everyone is different, so no one is. Better food (Thai, Indian, Mexican, Moroccan, Hawaiian, Greek, African, and all the traditional American Fair fare), interesting product booths (most of which is locally made and/ or organic) and things for the kids to do....For free (at least 10 different free crafts-beaded necklaces, paper flowers, musical shakers, candy-leis....) and did I mention the music?
So it runs from Friday-Monday (labor day) but Shannon (my wife) and I didn't get down till Saturday. The first thing we did was head to the Mainstage area for what I thought was the best mini "concert" of the whole weekend- John Butler Trio.

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They are my fav. band right now. Their set (about an hour on average for all the acts) was invigorating. By the end, my wife who will tell you she has no sense of rhythm, was starting to move with the music. You can see from the pic (as lame as it is- hence the title "bumbershoot, bad camera phone....) that there were a lot of people. But here is were that politeness I was talking about comes in. Everyone respected everyone else's space. We were never pushed, and when someone did bump us, they ALWAYS apologized!

Next, after a quick and yummy gyro, we headed over to an indoor venue to see Lemony Snicket do what we thought was going to be a reading.
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It turned into the funniest family friendly monologue I have ever heard. He spent most of the hour convincing us he was NOT Lemony Snicket, and in fact Mr. Snicket had been in an Unfortunate incident while at a picnic.

When we were able to catch our breath, we headed over to another indoor concert venue for Visqueen.
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I think this was one of the wife's favs. The sound quality in the building wasn't the greatest, but girls that play guitar like she did, ROCK!

Well, that was it for Saturday, but Sunday we came back with the kids (4 & 6). Unfortunatly my POS camera phone wouldn't take anymore pics.
We saw several other bands with them- Pretty Girls Make Graves, Headphones and the Duhks. These guys were probably the most fun. It started to rain about 1/2 way through their set, and by the end it was pouring. But no one left! Instead we were all dancing (including my misses). The kids, despite being soaked had a great time, and the music was super kewl.
Back again on Monday to close out the festival, we started the day off with Dashboard Confessional

I wasn't very impressed with these guys. Their songs all sounded the same, and this particular set was pretty lame. They took a lot of time between songs, yet didn't say anything.
Next we did some Polynesian crafts with the kids- Paper flowers and candy leis- and watched the Polynesian dancers for a bit
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before going to see Earlimart. These guys were pretty good, but the kids were restless, so we left early.

All in all, an excellent weekend.

So you've come this far, and you are wondering about the "Man Skirt".
So Saturday, whilst perusing the booths with Shannon, we came upon the Utilikilt tent. It didn't take much persuasion from the guys selling or my wife and I was trying on skirts, sorry, KILTS!
So here ya go.... Another Free man, thanks to the guys at
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Before I end this, already too revealing post, a big thanks to Jesse. After our conversation the other day, I decided to make this blog a little less anonymous.
Check out the profile here. Thanks J.
ME...I mean Matt

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