Friday, September 16, 2005

The weathervane.....

A stranger was walking through a small country town when he caught sight of a farmhouse, with a weathervane set atop. Nothing so special about that, except, inscribed on it were the words "God is love". Intrigued, that man found himself on the door step of the farmhouse knocking.
The door is answered by a stoop shouldered old man. His face is covered in lines. This is the faces that has seen hard times. Without a word, the farmer invites the stranger in and offers him a cup of coffee and a seat. They begin to talk. The farmer gazing out the kitchen window, the stranger's eyes fixed on his cup. Nothing too interesting at first. Mostly, the weather. Its been a warm summer, and might rain soon. But eventually the stranger askes the farmer about the weathervane. "Did you inscribe it, perhaps to symbolize that love is as changing as the weather?"
The farmer is quiet for a moment, then slowly he turns to the stranger. There is a brightness in his eyes the stranger swore wasn't there a moment ago.
"No." he says, stern at first, but then seems overcome by some long forgotten joke.
"No," he says again, this time with a chuckle. "I inscribed this weathervane such because no matter what way the wind blows, God is still love.
matter how bad it gets.
No matter how lost you feel.
No matter how alone you are.
No matter what way the wind blows...
God is there."
This last bit seems to echo through the other wise sleepy farm house. The stranger finishes his cup, thanks the farmer and rises to leave. But before he can, the farmer rests a time beaten hand on the mans shoulder and whispers, "No matter how bad it gets, He is always there."
Without another word, the farmer turns and shuffles off toward the back of the house, leaving the stranger with tears still wet on his cheeks, alone...yet not.

No matter what.

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